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If you live in the the northern end of the Parish of Kilmurry, or if you did live there one time,
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First Communion.
Some of your questions answered.
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The photos on this website are not of printable quality
Kilmurry Parish Scouts By Amanda O'Riordan 27-2-05
Kilmurry Scór na baisti By Richard Hinchion / William Murphy
Recent Emails - Cloughduv Camogie ???????
History of Kilbonane Church & Graveyard
Kilmurry Pioneers Celebrations 27-5-04
St Vals. Presentation - 10th January 2004

We would like to hear from Kilmurry Parishioners who are now living away from the parish -- exiles near and far -- from Macroom to Melbourne, from Ovens to Oregon. If you tell us something about yourself, where you are now, what you are doing, news of your friends and family (those with you now and those you have left behind) we will be delighted to publish it. Hopefully we will end up with an interesting list of entries which would be both useful and entertaining.
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