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I found a very interesting post on your website,
and am trying to follow some information that I read in that post. I have Attempted to contact the submitter of the e-mail, but I thought I would send you an e-mail as well to try and find any additional information that I can. I appreciate all the work you have done to make this information available to me. This is the e-mail I just sent to Peggy Millar:

I have
just discovered your webpage/Newsletter whilst "surfing" the net and felt I had to write to congratulate you on a very interesting and informative article. In fact I was thrilled when I found it and it has made me feel very "homesick" for Ireland and all my many cousins who live in various areas of Co. Cork. This webpage will certainly be a regular calling post for me from now on.

My Father, Michael O'Leary, was born in Ballyvourney in 1900,
the 2nd son of Jeremiah Leary and Mary Lehane. Mary was the daughter of John Lehane and Mary Riordan who lived in Rath, and Mary and Jeremiah were married in Ballyvogue RC Chapel in 1894. Mary Lehane, my GMother, had a brother John, born abt. 1872/3, and he migrated to USA in 1894 when he changed his name to LYONS which, apparently, is the Anglicised form of Lehane. He married an ABBIE LYONS and they settled in Brooklyn, NY, in 1930 and both died there in the 1940s. They did not have any children. My problem is that I cannot find where they married - in Co. Cork or USA. and did John marry using the name Lehane or Lyons?

I have done extensive research into Abbie's family and now know that she was a daughter of CORNELIUS LYONS/MARY LYONS, married abt 1867/8 who also migrated to USA..This couple had the following children all born in Co. Cork: John, stayed in Ireland and lived in Ballyvogue. Mary, married Andrew Desmond, MA. USA
Margaret Married Daniel McCarthy,MA. USA Daniel C. married Ellen Forde, CT.USA Abbie, married John Lyons [Lehane] Johanna [Anna] married Charles Winblade, Brooklyn, NY, USA Michael F, unmarried, died aged 23 in 1905 in Brooklyn Cornelius, no details. My big problem is that I cannot find the Townland of birth of these 2nd cousins of mine but I do know that the name Lyons is very well known in the Cannaway district and I am wondering if there is anyone who might recognise this family history. I live in Australia as my Father migrated out here in 1924 but have visited your beautiful country many times and have a very deep-seated love of it and its people. I have cousins in Cork, Coolea, Renanaree [?] Crosshaven, Myrtleville and Carrigaline but sadly they are not too interested in family history.

Please keep up
the good work with your webpage and I do look forward to visiting it on a regular basis.

God Bless you all

Peggy Millar
[nee O'Leary]
Townsville, Queensland, Australia

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Peggy (

My response


Hello. my name is Wade Wachs and I am trying to find information about my great-great-grandparents Mary and Andrew Desmond.
I saw some information with your name on it that I think may be related to the information I have, and would like to know what else you have.

The research my grandfather (Robert Faull Wachs) has done shows Mary Nolan and Andrew Desmond as the parents of my great-grand-father Leonard Joseph Desmond (born abt. 1901), and that both of Leonard's parents were born in Ireland. I saw your post talking about your relative Abbie, the daughter of CORNELIUS
LYONS/MARY LYONS, married abt 1867/8 had a sister Mary that married an Andrew Desmond. I'm wondering if perhaps your Mary and Andrew are the same as the Mary and Andrew that I am looking for.

If you have any additional
information I would very much like to talk with you to see what we can find. Perhaps The name Nolan is another form that the LeHane or Lyons name took in the US. I look forward to your response.


Hello, Mr. Scanlon:
I am writing from Wisconsin, in the USA, for assistance with my Buckley family research. My great-grandparents, Murthey (Morto) and Catharine (McNamara) Buckley, emigrated to the USA from Parish Cannaway, County Cork, in 1836. (This information came from their gravestone here in Wisconsin.) This couple apparently were married in your parish on 15 Feb. 1828.
We are eagerly trying to learn exactly where these Buckleys lived and whether relatives of theirs may still live in Kilmurry Parish. Do you know of any Buckleys in your area who might be interested in corresponding with me? I would greatly appreciate hearing from you if you do. I have enjoyed reading your newsletter on the Internet and have determined that you might be the right person for me to contact.
I love Ireland and hope to visit for a 5th time in the near future. Next time, I will want, especially, to visit the Kilmurry area.

Sincerely yours,

Mary Van Gorden - daughter of Kathleen (Buckley) Van Gorden


Good morning

I don't know if you can help me or point me in the right direction.
I am trying to trace any information about my great grandmother.
Her name was Mary O'Mahony and her father was Daniel and mother was Ellen O'Mahony.
According to the 1901 and 1911 census she was living in the town land of Kilbarry and was Catholics.
She married John Myles around 1895 and had two children (only one living on the 1911 census named Mary Ellen)

Danny Myles Brinded

Hi Peter

Thank you so much for your help.

Since I wrote to you I have done some more research into my Irish family. Following is the amended family information:

Thomas Fitzgerald
DOB: Approx 1786 Ireland
Death: 1st July 1861 (died in Tasmania. I worked out his approx birth year by his death age which was 75)

Honora Fitzgerald (no known maiden name)
DOB: Approx 1798 Ireland
Death: 16th July 1870 (died in Tasmania. I worked out her approx birth year by her death age which was 72)

Thomas and Honora Fitzgerald immigrated to Hobart, Tasmania, Australia on in July 1842 on the George which departed from Liverpool Port. They travelled to Tasmania and were paying passengers in steerage class. They travelled with their 8 children. I have one definite name of one of the children and one possible. I am trying to find out the names of the other 6

One could be:
Mary Ann Fitzgerald
DOB: Approx 1832 Ireland
Death: 16th July 1848 (died in Tasmania. I worked out her approx birth year by her death age which was 16)

One of their daughters definitely was :
Honora Fitzgerald**
DOB: Approx 1820 Ireland
Death: 20th October 1859 (died in Tasmania. I worked out her approx birth year by her death age which was 39)

Honora Fitzgerald travelled with her husband and 3 children also on the George in 1842

Michael Enright
DOB: Approx 1807
Death: 22nd May 1884 (died in Tasmania. I worked out his approx birth year by his death age which was 77)

Daughter of Michael and Honora Enright (nee Fitzgerald)
Ellen Mary Enright
DOB: Approx 1836
Death: 11th March 1883 (died in Tasmania. I worked out her approx birth year by her death age which was 47)

I am trying to confirm the names of their other two children which should be in the Tasmanian Archives.

Unfortunately the Liverpool shipping records were not kept until 1890 and the Tasmanian shipping records do not have any information about the family except for ‘Mr and Mrs Fitzgerald and their 7 children’.

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am looking for the parish that a priest served at in 1830, possibly in Kilmurry. Can you help? His name was the Rev. Father James Devine.
Thank you for your time.


Michael Siciliano

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I am in the midst of seeking information about my family history. My name is Gareth Healy and my great great grandfather was Denis Healy who died in the Black fever in Pullerick in 1889 along with his wife Bridget (nee walsh). His son my Great Grandfather was also called Denis but known as Big Din. My father died last year and his earliest tangible record of the family dated back to ancestors being mentioned in the Tithe applotment book of 1834.

There are many tales of ancestors who fought in O'Mahoneys Dragoons, and even references to the High King Laoghaire of Tara in County Meath. But all folklore tales.

There is also a mention of the 1852 Griffiths Valuation records which indicates some ancestry living within the area.

My aim is to reach further back with any available records and also to possibly visit the area to tread my ancestors paths. And also to get any stories from existing parishioners or local people within the community who may have known anything about any of my ancestors. I also am led to believe that an ancestor married into the Long Family, Bridget who was Denis and Bridgets eldest daughter. Its all very exciting and hope you can help with any further information

Kind Regards
God Bless

Gareth Healy

What a coincidence to open your correspondence on March 17th! Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone.
Thank you so much for replying.
The Irish side of my family tree has been wanting for information and it wasn't until just recently following the death of my last remaining uncle that some information started to show up.
Yes indeed my grandmother's family was from Aherla and we think there were thirteen children.
They came to Providence, Rhode Island and then split up with half going to Lawrence Massachusetts.
My father's mother Margaret would have been two years old when they arrived here and she later married Philip Allen from Philadelphia.

My wife and two daughters and I are planning a return trip to Ireland in June and plan to visit the Aherla area in Cork as part of a ten day tour from Dublin to Shannon.

Thanks again for your assistance and certainly feel free to post or inquire as is convenient.

Best regards.
Terrence Wm. Allen
32 Latham Farm Road
Smithfield, RI 029017-1004
----- Original

Dear Peter,

Congratulations on the fine work you do keeping Kilmurry on-line and
up-to-date. Deep empathy comes from this side!!!

You might be interested to know that the parish and the recently completed Echoes course feature in the latest issue of PS - a newsletter sent to clergy and parish contacts around the diocese by the Pastoral Planning Office. The article was written by Mary Hannon, a parishioner who participated in the course.

It has just gone to print but the online version is available now.

You might like to put up a link to it at

Continued best wishes.
Fr. Tom Hayes
The Presbytery
Co Cork

Hi Everyone,

I have just found this wonderful site about Kilmurry. My sister and I visited Kilmurry last year as our Gt Grandmother Ellen Lynch was born in the village.Bn about 1835. It was a lovely sunny day and we walked around and searched the cemeteries looking for any connection. When we think of the dreadful, tragic history of Ireland, we can only feel blessed that our Ellen survived. She married a Marine in Portsea, (don't know how she got there) and had five children.I felt very connected to her in Kilmurry.
Anyone with information about her parents of family......... I would be so pleased.
We loved Ireland and she calls us back - now been three times.

Rene Hudson


My name is Gerald Desmond and I live in South Wales. My family is from Newcestown in your parish and lived very near a cross road called Boxer’s Cross. Would you have any parish records that I can come and research my family history? I’m lead to believe a relative of mine passed away within the last few months his name was John Desmond he was about 80 yrs old and a bachelor. I would be pleased if you could post this email on your parish website and maybe someone would contact me with some family history/information. You can also give my details to anyone that would be interested in researching the Desmond Family of Newcestown

Best regards,
Gerald Desmond
Tel. 0044 -1792 -202201

Hello, I am helping a friend in Australia with his search of his Ancestry from Kilmurry.I have e mailed Fr. O'Sullivan asking to check the baptismal records for c1841/2. We are interested in a Wood(s) family in Kilmurry for that time.The name of the Lady in question is Ellen Wood(s) we also believe she had a sister Posie(this could be pet name etc) There was a family in the 1850's in Cloghmacow?-Kilmurry a Mr William Woods. Ellen and her sister went to London c. 1849.I would appreciate any help from someone in the area who has an interest in Fam. Hist. or local history.Mr.Wing in Australia wants to confirm that Ellen was from Kilmurry and to find a baptismal record so he would also have the names of Ellen's parents.Any information or help would be most welcome.Best regards,Kevin McCormack. Co Cork.






My name is Bree Ambry and I live in Melbourne, Australia.
I am currently trying to research my family history, in particular the teeling family. I have reason to believe that my great great grand mother may have originated from Kilmurry. I originally was told that she came from the county of Kildare, but further research from other family members have found that her family may have been from Kilmurry instead.
The father's name was Richard Teeling and he had four children: Sarah (my great great grandmother), Julia, John and Ann



Dear Sir,

I am searching for the ancestors/family of my gg-grandfather, Mathias BARRY and his wife Margaret (maiden name unknown). I don't know if they married in Ireland or England where their oldest 4 children, John (1856), Mary (1859) William Edward (22 Sept 1862) and Richard (1863) were born. They had moved to Centre County, Pennsylvania, USA by 1870 where their daughter Catharine was born in Jan 1871. Mathias and Margaret had several more children in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania and moved to St. Louis, Missouri in the 1880s. Mathias died 1 Sept 1897 and Margaret died 11 Jan 1908, probably in St. Louis and they are buried in Calvary Catholic Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri. While Mathias was living in Clearfield County he published a notice for information in the Pilot newspaper's "Missing Friends: "OF JOHN BARRY, of Macroom, county Cork, Ireland, who came to this country (USA) in the Spring of 1863, and was in the camp before Washington in July, 1864 (He was in the Confederate Army during the American Reveloution and fought to protect Washington, DC) and this is all the accounts obtained of him. Any information of him will be thankfully received by his uncle (Mathias);-also, of cousins William BARRY and sisters, natives of Macroom county Cork, Ireland, who are living in Boston this many years. Any information of them will be thankfully received by their cousin, Mathias BARRY, Clearfield, Clearfield county, Pennsylvania." The family was Catholic and I believe their parish was Aghabullogue. Would greatly appreciate any information on them and would love to hear from any family members still living in Ireland.



Dear Peter,
please put this on the website.

Well done to Briege Corkery and Emma Dunne who were representing Cloughduv on the Cork Minor Panel who beat Limerick in the Munster semi final on Tuesday night!!! T he final score was Cork 5 goals and 17points to Limerick's 3 points.

Well done to our u16 team who beat Agabullogue on Wednesday last, the score was Cloughduv 4-5 to Aghabullogue 2-2



I agree totally with the Camogie player in the newsletter. I am a fellow Camogie player with Cloughduv and I won a senior medal this year and have played with Cork and have never got any recognition from my home parish. The men in this parish can do anything no matter how small and it is acknowledged. It also shouldn't be the Camogie clubs job to advertise a senior final and give the Parish Newsletter the details of the win, it is the job of the Newsletter to actively seek out success in the parish and give it its just acknowledgment.

Ciara Cronin.




I just heard the song Sweet Queen of Peace of Medjugoria on PBS. I am the music director at the first Croation Church in America....St. Nicholas, North Side, Pittsburgh, PA and would love to be able to find the music for the lovely song.

Thank you,

Carol Ann


Good Thursday afternoon:

I am hoping that I would be able to have a mass said for my beloved uncle Albert Frye and his wife, Mary, who will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on May 22, 2004 in New York City. Dear Mary who is confined to a nursing home after a stroke, is nearly daily visited by Albert who at age 81 remains devoted to her.

Through him, I recently discovered that the family on his mother's side came from Ireland and most probably the County Cork area. We are just beginning a genealogical search, because his one last wish is to find the location of his great-grandfather Patrick Dineen's birth around 1815. I would love to be able to give him this information.

If you can help with information on either of these issues, I would be pleased to hear from you.

With kindness and thanks,
Carol Babel
Rome, Georgia USA


Dear Reader

Heard so much about this area from my father who loved the place dearly and missed it so much. His family came from Aherla. His name was Edward Good and was the son of Alfred Good of the' The Lodge 'Aherla. Would like to know if there are still family members in the area.Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards
Iain C Good


January 22. 2004

Dear Miss Scanlan,

You may wish to add my great uncle Fr. Denis Horgan to your list of missionaries from Kilmurry Parish.
He was born in Dooniskey, Lissarda circa 1865, graduated from Maynooth College and by the late 1880's and early 1890's had traveled to and across the United States to become a parish priest in the small farming community of Woodland, California.

By the early 1900's, he moved east some sixty-three miles to become a curate and, in all probability, the pastor of St. Patrick church in Placerville, California. Placerville began with the California "gold rush" in the 1840's. The
highly publicized discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill in Coloma (only 10 miles from Placerville) in 1848 resulted in the migration of thousands of fortune seekers to Northern California in the mid 1800's. The town quickly became an important supply center to the surrounding mining camps and it was truly the wild west in those days. So much so that Placerville was also known as "Hangtown" where frontier justice was swiftly carried out by officials and townspeople during the years of the gold rush.

The Placerville of Fr. Horgan's time was hopefully a more civilized and lawful town. His church, the top of which can be seen in a postcard to my grandmother dated February 9, 1916, appears to be of medium size with a bell tower rising above the surrounding trees.

Today the city is described as "centrally located between Sacramento, the state capital, and South Lake Tahoe, the world-famous recreation center. Situated above the fog line and below the snow line, Placerville boasts an ideal climate with four distinct sersons." Fr. Horgan, in his February 1916 postcard took a slightly different view of the climate as he described "an unusually severe winter
with seven snowstorms during January - a surprise to the oldest inhabitants - and almost constant rain."

Fr. Horgan remained in Placerville, interspersed with occasional trips home, until June of 1920, when he returned to Dooniskey for what he believed would be a summer visit. While his postcards to my grandparents in Brockton, Massachusetts were filled with the joy of being home with the family in Dooniskey and gave no hint of ill health, his visit extended through the following year and beyond. He apparently never returned to his parish in
California and died on September 11, 1924.

Fr. Horgan was truly a Dooniskey lad. His postcars and letters spoke fondly of the village. In those days travel across the US was difficult and time consuming, yet he returned when his duties permitted to visit with the
family that remained in Ireland. I would assume that he is buried in your cemetery, so if you are passing by perhaps you'll look in on him.

All of the information I have on him was gleaned from postcards and occasional letters he sent to his sister (my grandmother, Julia A. Horgan-Healy, my grandfather Michael Healy (from Ballyvourney) and my father
and his brothers who lived in Brockton. I do know that the Horgan family lived in Dooniskey and that his brothers Jim and Jack, and sisters Minnie, Nora, Ellen and Julia all were born and raised in the village and were members of your Kilmurry parish.

To the best of my knowledge, only Denis and my grandmother left Ireland for the States and I'm sure there must still be members of the family in the
area. I'm sorry to say that we have long since lost touch with them, with the last letters coming from Jack and Jim Horgan upon the death of my grandmother in 1946. Needless to say I would be delighted to be in contact
with any of their descendants and please feel free to give my name and address to those you may come across.
I realize that this is much more information then you need for your project but I hope it will help fill out your list of the missionaries of Kilmurry Parish and for your fellow parishioners to know that one of your own was involved in the taming of the "wild-wild" west.


Kevin M. Healy

218 Corey Ln. Middletown, Rhode Island, 02842 (summer) 4061 Cape Cole Blvd. Punta Gorda, Florida 33955 (winter)



(Having acknowledged the above I recieved this reply. Peter)



Thanks for the fast response and for placing a note in the parish newsletter. I look forward to hearing from any long lost family members and perhaps getting a chance to visit during our next trip to Ireland.

We would also be delighted to welcome any parish members who might happen to journey to the Newport, Rhode Island area. We get many summer visitors from our sister city Kinsale and I'm sure the Kilmurry Parish folks would feel right at home on our little island.

Siobhan's undertaking is a wonderful school project and will, I am sure, become an important part of the region's history.

Thanks again.



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