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I would like to thank all who attended the launch of my C.D 'Songs I love to sing' at the Kilmurry Inn on Friday night December 5th. The support of all the people of Kilmurry and surrounding areas and all my friends and work colleagues was overwhelming and it made the night a tremendous success. Special thanks to everyone who contributed in any way. Those who purchased the C.D, supported the raffle, gave donations, sent me messages of support, also those who helped with the catering and of course all at the Kilmurry Inn for providing such an excellent venue. My thanks to Mr Paddy O Brien of the Irish Heart Foundation for officially launching the C.D. Also to Kevin McSweeney for doing a wonderful job as M.C. for the night. To all the musicians and guest artists, Jim Callanan of Max Rambles for the main music accompanyment and for all the musical contribution in the making of the C.D,Guest artists on the night Joe Crowley, Neily Collins, Batty O Mahony, Noel Howard, Paddy Finnegan, Dimmy Callanan, the members of the Pike Theatre Ballincollig for their comedy and songs. I would like to thank all those who helped with the raffle tickets and also the wonderful sponsors of the raffle prizes. I would also like to thank my own Mum Mary Dromey for her support and she even gave us a song on the night also. And speaking of family I have to mention the great support I also received from my husband Liam. Also special thanks to all at the Diamond Bar for the great 'Pre Launch party' the previous Friday night. Thanks must also go to the radio stations for the 'airplay'and promotion they have given the C.D and especially Mr Tim Coughlan who took the time to attend the launch. To date over a thousand euro has been raised for the Irish Heart Foundation and the C.D is continuing to sell well. Copies are available in Sheilas shop Kilmurry and the Kilmurry Inn and cost 5 euro. You can be assured that your money is going to a very worthy cause. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Thanking you
Mona O Riordan
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Dear Kilmurryonline,
Just came across your site.Very good.
As a person who grew up in Aherla and now reisiding in Dublin, I would like to contact people who played hurling for Cloughduv in the period 1978-1982.
Anyone who remebers the minor and under 21 teams of that period and who sees this - it would be nice to hear from you.

Best wishes,
Andrew Williams
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My name is Martina Murrray and I really like your website .In fact I check it every week. I attended Kilmurry National School from 1955 to 1963 . Due to various house moves and general clear outs I have no school books from my primary school days and I am most anxious if possible to get a copy of the following books

The Cathecism Notes - a little book which gave all sorts of supplementary information not contained in the Cathecism itself for example how to lay out a table in the event of a priest making a sick call etc.

On Wings of Words this was the English Reader used .As far as I can recall Book One had a yellow cover and was used for 3rd and 4th Classes and BookTwo had a red cover and was used for 5th and 6th class

Can anybody out there help ?

Looking forward to hraring from you and Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and every success in 2004

Martina Murray

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I have just discovered your webpage/Newsletter whilst "surfing" the net and felt I had to write to congratulate you on a very interesting and informative article. In fact I was thrilled when I found it and it has made me feel very "homesick" for Ireland and all my many cousins who live in various areas of Co. Cork. This webpage will certainly be a regular calling post for me from now on.

My Father, Michael O'Leary, was born in Ballyvourney in 1900, the 2nd son of Jeremiah Leary and Mary Lehane. Mary was the daughter of John Lehane and Mary Riordan who lived in Rath, and Mary and Jeremiah were married in Ballyvogue RC Chapel in 1894. Mary Lehane, my GMother, had a brother John,
born abt. 1872/3, and he migrated to USA in 1894 when he changed his name to LYONS which, apparently, is the Anglicised form of Lehane. He married an ABBIE LYONS and they settled in Brooklyn, NY, in 1930 and both died there in the 1940s. They did not have any children. My problem is that I cannot find where they married - in Co. Cork or USA. and did John marry using the name Lehane or Lyons?

I have done extensive research into Abbie's family and now know that she was a daughter of CORNELIUS
LYONS/MARY LYONS, married abt 1867/8 who also migrated to USA..This couple had the following
children all born in Co. Cork:

John, stayed in Ireland and lived in Ballyvogue.
Mary, married Andrew Desmond, MA. USA
Margaret Married Daniel McCarthy,MA. USA
Daniel C. married Ellen Forde, CT.USA
Abbie, married John Lyons [Lehane]
Johanna [Anna] married Charles Winblade, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Michael F, unmarried, died aged 23 in 1905 in Brooklyn
Cornelius, no details.

My big problem is that I cannot find the Townland of birth of these 2nd cousins of mine but I do know that the name Lyons is very well known in the Cannaway district and I am wondering if there is anyone who might recognise this family history.

I live in Australia as my Father migrated out here in 1924 but have visited your beautiful country many times and have a very deep-seated love of it and its people. I have cousins in Cork, Coolea, Renanaree [?] Crosshaven, Myrtleville and Carrigaline but sadly they are not too interested in family history.

Please keep up the good work with your webpage and I do look forward to visiting it on a regular
God Bless you all

Peggy Millar [nee O'Leary]
Townsville, Queensland, Australia

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I am hoping you may be able to assist me and my husband on one of his descendants, Phillip Ryan who we believe was born in County Cork in 1802.

Phillip Ryan's father was in the commissariat Dept. of the British Army. At an early age Phillip went to Lisbon, Portugal to be near with his father who was involved in the Peninsular War under the Duke of Wellington. Unsure of father's name (likely Phillip) Had relative (uncle or close elder called Malachi Ryan) He went fishing in the North Sea and joined the Navy. HE was a trained cooper and probably served an apprenticeship on London as he did go to night school in London. He ended up in New Zealand where he married a Maori woman - Mary Piharo.

I have more info on his life in New Zealand, but am trying to track descendants in Ireland or States to invite to family reunion in Christchurch, New Zealand in Feb 2004. Any information or ideas on where to go next would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you,
Deanna Sinton

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Dear Sir:

I don't know much about the area, but I'm told that I have a number of relatives buried in Kilbonane Cememtery including my great-grandparents Edmund Eager and Susan (Murphy) Eager. According to people who have visited the Cemetery, they are buried in a large area with four Yew trees at the corners of the grave.

As I understand it, the Eager family lived in Ballymalis and the surrounding areas and Kilbonane was the family burial place.

I'd love any information on the cemetery, its history, the surrounding area, and the other Eagers buried at Kilbonane.Click here

Well done on your revitalised website. Keep up the Good work!
Happy Christmas to all who work on the web and every success in 2003
Martina Murray

My Great Great Grandparents John Long who married Mary Davenport, were from Kilmurry. They had 4 children that I know of, two of whom Peter Long and Denis Long were born in 1844 and 1846 respectively. I am presuming therefore that John and Mary would have been born in the period 1800/1810 approx. I don't have dates of birth for their two other sons Jack Long who married a Hannah Linehan in 1871 and Jeremiah Long who remained unmarried.
I know that Denis Long married Abbey(Gobnait) Sullivan on the 31 July 1869 in Cloghduve. (This is my line). Gobnait is supposed to be from Lissarda and was the daughter of Thomas (Thomas Rua) Sullivan and Mary Connor. Gobnait was baptised Abigail and she was born on the 25 November 1848 and she is reputed to have had 3 brothers Jeremiah, John and James and 1 sister. Denis Long was living in Kilcondy at the time of his marriage to Abbey.

I am wondering whether perhaps it might be possible for me to establish any information about John Long and Mary Davenport from your Church records. Any help and assistance which you can give me in this regard would be very much appreciated.
Yours sincerely,

Sean Long


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Dear All,
Congratulations on an excellent Website. This is my first visit and I certainly will be re-visiting.
Now to the purpose of my email. I recently visited Kilmurry searching for the grave of my grandfather and his people, but to no avail. They lived in the townland of Castlemore and despite of our best efforts we found nothing. However talking to some locals and others since I understand that Fr Tim O Sullivan of Cloughduv is putting the parish records on CD. I would be very interested in this when it is available. Perhaps you could advise me on the progress of this project.

For the record this is my family history in regards to Castlemore:
My grandfather, Timothy Sullivan was born in Castlemore in 1854. We don't know when but he moved to Cork City where he became an agent for the Prudential Insurance Company.His first wife, Annie died in 1898. I know nothing more about her as the only evidence is her death certificate.
He maried his second wife, Hanna Coleman, in 1899. She was from Glanmire and she was my grandmother.
Timothy died on the 10 May 1927 and the newspaper notice says that he was buried at 'South Kilmurry' Hence my searching the local cemetaries.

To fill in the picture the following is the other information that I have:
Timothy's father was a Patrick Sullivan, born about 1819. His wife's name was Hannah-surname unknown.
In Griffiths Valuation for 1852 his address is given as Castlemore, parish of Moviddy. He had a house in fee from Richard T Rye. There were two children that I know of Timothy, my grandfather, and Daniel, born 1863.
Finally he is shown in the 1901 census at the same address, with his wife. It states that he is a retired quarryman and that he is blind.He does not appear in the 1911 census.

I would be grateful if any of your site viewers and others can add to my information on my Kilmurry connections.
In the meantime I look forward to the CD.

Keep up the good work.
Yours truly
Frank Nash

Cork City


Dear Sirs:
I am in the process of trying to locate the exact place in County Cork from which my Buckley ancestors emigrated to the United States in 1836. On Murthey Buckley's tombstone is written: "a native of Ireland, county of Cork, parrish of Conway." Several years ago, a genealogist in Dublin led us to believe that "Conway" is the old name for "Convamore," an estate which lies adjacent to Ballyhooly. However, Irish researcher Tom O'Leary recently found information which indicates that "Conway" is probably a mis-spelling of "Cannaway," a civil parish within the Catholic parish of Kilmurry.
So now I am concentrating on Kilmurry, and I find that at least one Buckley family currently lives in that village. I would very much like to contact them and wonder whether you could provide me with their address. Perhaps they would know of a Murthey and Catherine Buckley, with young son John Franklin, who left County Cork in 1836.
Any assistance you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

Mary Van Gorden
Black River Falls, Wisconsin USA

A recent posting on your website, "Thomas Desmond was born in Parish Canavee" is of interest to me. My great-great grandfather, Thomas Desmond [son of Patrick Desmond and Hanora Lyons Desmond] is said to have been born in Parish Canavaa.
Can you tell me where that parish is? He was born perhaps as early as 1810. John and Patrick Desmond may have been his brothers, or relatives. Thomas emigrated to Canada about 1840 and then to the U.S. Any help you can give me in tracing either the Desmond or Lyons families will be greatly appreciated.

Maribelle Leflang

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