"The Ruined Parish Churches of the Diocese of Cork"
By Michael H. J. Brunicardi

Civil Survey 1654

Smiths History of Cork

Brady Church Records

Bishop Dive Downs Parish Visitation





The ruins of the Parish Church of Kilbonane are to be seen in the old graveyard situated east of Crookstown less than a mile from Cloughduv and about two hundred meters south of the road to Killumney.

Cloughduv from Kilbonane Churchyard

The four walls are still standing and present an appearance similar to the remains of Kilcrea Abbey, being built of the same class of sandstone. The measurements are about 20 feet by 60 feet. It is said that the stones for the church were taken from the Abbey, which is only a short distance away. There is every reason to believe that such was the case, as the cut stone windows and the ornate style of architecture correspond to those in the abbey.


It is practically certain that this eastern window was
ornamented by a dressed window taken from Kilcrea.


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