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Sunday : 20th of March 2005

From the Ex-Pastor's Desk.

I am reminded of a story of a Bishop travelling on a Belfast train who was joined by a soldier who had been celebrating a little too well. The Bishop, in normal clerical attire, had none of the trappings that would indicate that he was a bishop. The soldier, in the mood for a chat, said to him "I suppose, Father, you are a Parish Priest"? "I used to be", replied the bishop. His new-found friend continued, "Isn't the drink terrible, Father. I used to be a Sergeant too one time"!

Leaving that aside, today we begin an extraordinary week. From the joy of the joyful entry of Jesus into Jerusalem as we begin, we end up with the ignominy of the arrest, trial, scourging, the mock crowning with thorns, crucifixion and death of the Author of all life at the hands of those He had come to save. As a community we enter into not only the Passion of Jesus, but our own story of suffering, sorrow, agony and even death - so that we too might experience resurrection.
Suffering is an evil, a mystery, but in entering into it with Jesus and joining ours to his we know that we are in good company. When Jesus shares his cross of suffering with us He is there at the other end of the transverse beam of that cross, carrying it with us. After all whom did Jesus choose to share those awful moments of his Passion with? Was it not his own Mother! Simeon had foretold that one day a sword of sorrow would pierce her heart. Her title 'Mother of Sorrows' is for real!

Where can you find a life without its share of sorrow? This week does not explain or solve it, but it does give us an understanding of how we can cope. Not on our own certainly, but the events of this Holy Week do give us an insight that helps us to cope. The week ends with the glory of the Resurrection Morning. With Christ we too can conquer death. Christ came to conquer it. St. Augustine summed it all up when he said; "You have made us for Yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee."


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