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Sunday : 17th of April 2005.

World Day of Prayer For Vocations

Fr. Teddy

Not so long ago this Parish of Kilmurry, along with the neighbouring parishes of Kilmichael and Newcestown, were known in the Diocese of Cork and Ross as 'the Bible Belt'. Why? Because they each produced so many vocations to the diocesan priesthood, to the missionary priesthood and to the religious life. It's a reputation to be proud of and also one that cannot be forgotten. How many sons and daughters of these three parishes lie buried in places all over the globe as they await the resurrection, after life - times of service to God and fellow-man?
However, things have changed dramatically. There are many reasons for this. The first reason may simply be a demographic one - families are smaller etc. Then there's the profound social and cultural change that has occurred in Ireland over the last two decades. I suppose the single biggest factor has been the enormous economic success we have enjoyed over the last decade or so. All of these things, together with a fast - growing secular view of life, have contributed to a very changed ecclesiastical landscape. I cannot omit either the huge damage caused to the Church and to the faith by the recent spate of scandals in the Church.
It is against this background that we are invited today to pray for vocations. On a positive note, the Vocations Information Day held at Ennismore, Cork on Sat March 19th 2005 was encouraging. Nine young men attended and they found this day to be very helpful.
We all have a responsibility to look after vocations. I would very much welcome and encourage open discussions in the parish about ways and means of promoting vocations to the priesthood.
I don't think anybody would dispute the difference that the priesthood of Pope John Paul II made to the Church and the world. Nearer home, we can appreciate the difference the priesthood of Edward J. Galvin has made and continues to make to millions of people throughout the developing world.
Equally, I am certain that the present generation of young people do not lack the idealism, enthusiasm and generosity that inspired John Paul, Edward J. Galvin or Teresa of Calcutta. So let us pray for vocations.

Prayer for Vocations
O Jesus, send labourers into your fields, which are awaiting holy apostles, saintly priests, heroic missionaries and dedicated sisters and brothers.
Enkindle in the hearts of men and women the spark of a vocation.
Grant that Christian families may desire to give your Church, helpers in the work of tomorrow.


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