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Sunday : 4th of Sept 2005

Welcome Back

Fr. Teddy.

We're back to work, to school, and hopefully back to normal (whatever that is!) after the lovely Summer. I hope you had an opportunity to avail of the good weather and make the most of it. I know that for some people it is the busiest time of the year and you may be looking forward to a break at a quieter time. However, for most of us it's back to routine time. And the Newsletter is back too.

Late Brendan Healy R.I.P.

Sadly our Newsletter came to an abrupt end on the June Bank Holiday week-end due to the untimely passing of Brendan Healy who died unexpectedly at his home early on Tuesday, June 7th last. His loss is a great blow to his wife, Mary, and to his entire family. All our prayers and sympathy are with them at this time. His loss is also keenly felt in the wider community.
One area where it is felt is in the production of the Newsletter. For many years now Brendan and his family had produced the newsletter faithfully every week-end. I don't have to tell you how important and valuable a contribution to the local community this is. I'm sure you have often noticed too the excellent editing and layout - this was due to Brendan's single-handed dedication and commitment to the task. Then, faithfully, every Saturday afternoon he delivered it in his own car to all three Churches in the Parish. It is only right and fitting that we would put on record our appreciation and gratitude to this good man at this time. Go ndeana Dia trocaire ar a anam uasal.
We are very lucky and grateful also to his family who, in spite of their grief and loss, have very kindly agreed to carry on producing the Newsletter for the time being.

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