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Sunday : 11th of Sept. 2005

Report of the Diocesan Pastoral Strategy Group.

Fr. Teddy.

In May 2002 Bishop Buckley set up a group to assess the pastoral situation in the diocese at this time and devise a strategy for pastoral renewal over the next ten years. Over the two to three year period the group consulted widely with all the parishes and interests in the diocese. Approximately 5,000 people attended the local meetings. The final Report was published in June. You can see the full Report or a summary of it on
We are told the good news is that the pulse of the Catholic Church is strong in Cork and Ross. They say that very early on in the work of the group it became clear that the collaborative model of ministry was the only viable option for the diocese at this time. By this they mean that the responsibility for promoting Gospel values and building up the faith community in each parish lies with all the members of the Church in that parish, not just with the priests or teachers. They say that one of the most heartening results of the consultation process was how strongly this notion resonated with so many people throughout the diocese. The goal of all those consulted was a vibrant Christian community in every parish, supported by the diocese.
Fr. Tom Hayes has been appointed full-time Director of Pastoral Strategy. Two full-time highly qualified and experienced lay people and one part-time person who will coordinate the work and be available as resource people for the parishes will join him.
I have talked with the current Parish Council about the implications of this Report. They have advised that every means should be used to bring the contents and recommendations of the document to the attention of all the parishioners. The current Council would also hope to see itself replaced by a more representative and well defined body.
Over the next few weeks Fr. Tim and I will be talking a little bit more with you at the Stations about what all this entails. We will make summary copies of the Report available to you. We would hope to invite the Diocesan Pastoral Team to make a presentation to us at an open Meeting here in the Parish sometime in late October or November.
I suppose all of this may appear somewhat strange to people at first sight. What is at issue really is the future of the Faith and the shape of the Church in this Parish in the years to come. I think everybody knows things have changed utterly and how we structure our Church and our Parish will determine that future. We don't know yet how things will work out because by definition there are no ready-made answers. However, if we go forward in faith, in an open-minded, listening, caring way I have no doubt that the Holy Spirit of God will come to our aid. It will also require a lot of patience on the part of all us. People who look for quick answers and solutions are likely to be disappointed. What we will be engaging with will be a process as we journey together in faith. Let us ask God to guide our pilgrim steps.


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