Crookstown Macra Na Feirme.

  Muskerry MNF

Officers 2002-2003






Dan O'Donovan 021-7331117

Michael O'Sullivan 021-7331396

Peter McCarthy 021-7336270

Cathriona McCarthy 021-7336270

Anthony O'Reagan 021-7336247


History of Organisation.

Background History
Macra in the parish has always been a very strong organization. However in the second half of the 90's Macra folded and remained that way until the end of November 2001.
Holding onto the name of the previous branch, Crookstown Macra has re-grouped and is once again proving to be a force to be reckoned with.
On the 26th November 2001, 13 young people ranging in age from 17 to 35 got together and formed a new club in the area. Within four months the club had grown to a massive 31 members, which is an extraordinary achievement for a new club. These members come from every corner of the parish and beyond. Everyone is enjoying the fun and the crack that has been generated in the club and at the various competitions.

The Crookstown Club meet on a monthly basis in the Cornerstone, Crookstown. Meetings are advertised on the Local Parish Newsletter.

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What Does Macra Offer You??

  1. In General:
    A Strong National Structure
    Training and support through a professional training staff
    A full colour quarterly magazine delivered directly to each member
    A diary and membership card
    A fully organized national programme of activities
  2. The Social Side:
    Club Exchanges
    Weekends away
    Group activities e.g. Bowling, Karting etc

    What are the Main Competitions?
    On the Rostrum On The Farm
    Public Speaking Farm Skills
    Debating Stockjuding
  3. On the Stage Something Different
    Capers Creative Challenge
    National Talent Competition
  4. In the Know
    National Question Time
    Know Your Ag. Table Quiz
  5. Learning:
    Macra also runs courses for its members depending on demand. These include:
    First Aid
    Farm Health and Safety
  6. How Do I Join:
    Macra is the ideal way for people between the ages of 17 and 35, no matter what their interests are to come together and get involved in activities as a group.
    Joining is easy. Simply contact any Club Officer and they will arrange the rest for you.


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