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John Paul O'Mahony from Hong Kong (ex Forrest) made a most original and practical suggestion, which I am happy to be able to implement with this page.

We want to hear from all Kilmurry Parishioners who are living away from the parish -- exiles near and far -- from Macroom to Melbourne, from Ovens to Oregon. If you tell us something about yourself, where you are now, what you are doing, news of your friends and family (those with you now and those you have left behind) we will be delighted to publish it. Hopefully we will end up with an interesting list of entries which would be both useful and entertaining.

I envisage separate blocks of information for each person. You could send this information by e-mail. It would be great if you could send a personal or family photo. If you wish, your e-mail address and/or home address could be published; alternatively, I could pass on addresses of people who wanted to contact you if your e-mail address was not in the public domain.

So far, we have a couple of brave volunteers leading the way.  




Meet Jerry Dwyer, Boulder, Colorado (ex Gurranreigh, Lissarda)


Meet Jerry Dwyer, Boulder, Colorado (ex Gurranreigh, Lissarda)
I am in Boulder Colorado where I teach Mathematics at the University of Colorado. It is a wonderfully dry sunny place - great for running (I do marathons) and outdoor activities. During the summer of 1999 I am spending several weeks in Kenya where I will do some work with the Divine Word mission who are providing education for kids who would have no school otherwise. I hope to be in Ireland for two weeks in August.

I have a very simple web page myself - I scanned in a couple of photos of home. The address is http://spot.colorado.edu/~dwyerj/Home.html
Many thanks for the link to home and the chance to communicate.

(Update From Jerry Dwyer, 9/1/02)

 I took a look at the parish website. It is very nice - well done! Please
find some more exiles so that I don't sit there in embarrassing isolation!
I need to update my web pages myself sometime. You can find a good idea of my kind of work by looking at http://www.math.utk.edu/~dwyer/CU.html This
actually stems from my time at Colorado but the work here is much the same. I haven't any new site here yet.



Barry Creedon, Cloughduv and
San Francisco





My name is Barry Creedon and I'm from Cloughduv. I'm presently living and working in San Francisco as a software engineer. (I don't have a personallised home page or photos at present but I am slowly working on this situation.)
I have been living here for 1.5 years now and I really like it here. The weather is generally nice but the famous San Francisco fog comes in from the sea almost every night and then it gets fairly cold.
I play soccer and GAA junior football here every weekend. Right now the GAA championship is taking place but unfortunately our team is not doing very well.
E-mail address: bcreedon@excite.com

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